Start your own Digital School in 7 simple steps

Get your school running in less than 3 months

We can help you with venue specifics so that it will match all the requirements for classroom setup, strategy and growth management.

Building a lab is now easy, we provide you with all the schematics, software and processes.

We help you to start finding the right the people for a quality school

We have created a template for you with our website content and theme to get started immediately while our social media strategy can be implemented very fast.

Once all the initial tasks are done, our team will start implementing all the processes, systems and software and get your team trained and ready to start working


Our team will help you kick start your Digital School in record time

Knowledge sharing and best practices
We have created a tested curricula that guarantees kids and parents great results and learning path.

Processes for every case
We will teach your team over all processes so that your business runs smoothly with high customer satisfaction rate.

Tools for monitoring and management
We will implement all the systems for you. You can monitor your business flow online and be always ahead in taking the right decisions.

Marketing strategy and content
We will help you establish your marketing strategy by sharing our strategy and content with you.

Training and consulting
Your team will be trained and ready to start work. Our monitoring and consulting team will always be there for you.

Simple processes

There is a written and tested process for almost anything

Simple setup

We have the greatest solution already set to get your school fully functional

Software we provide

  • Classroom management software
  • CRM
  • HR system
  • Finance software
  • Attendance software
  • Google Apps (email, drive, calendar, and documents)
  • Forum for students
  • Task management software
  • Chat software
  • Bulk SMS gateway
  • TV streaming software
  • Freezing PC software

Hardware you need

  • Computers
  • Printer
  • Cameras and DVR
  • Switches
  • Router
  • Wifi


Your team will be ready to go, in no time!


The Digital School will provide all the trainings (online or onsite) for the first year of the curricula. The training will be provided in the implementation phase and during the three years of curricula

Video Trainings

The Franchise will be provided in addition with video trainings and tutorials for all processes, curricula and software usage

Sales & Customer Relations

Digital School will provide initial trainings (online or onsite) for the first sales resource but the owners need to be able to retain that knowledge and use it for scaling it to more resources as the company grows.

Long term support

You will have Digital School supporting you along all the way

Access to updated curricula

Technology is always changing and thus we adapt fast to make sure our kids get the newest technology included in the curricula

Video and onsite training

All the training will be available on video for easier team growth and less expenses for onsite training.

Access to knowledge base

Our team will respond to any question your team might have on the knowledge base and share good practices, tips and tricks, software etc.

Consulting and services

We can help you make the right business decisions with business and technology services.

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