Summer School and Camp is an additional program organized by Digital School during the summer break. It is a one-month program which is completed during the month of July and August.

Students are free to choose to hold the summer school program during July or during August.

The main goal of this program, is to teach kids technology lessons (different from programming) which are practical for everyday needs. Beside the lessons, kids are sent to different technology companies in to visit them and see how they use technology in real life.

The program is organized in four weeks. Each week is dedicated for learning one specific technological skill.

The lessons are held for two hours on every working day from Monday through Friday.

Summer Camp

There is one dedicated day and night (optional) which is spent on the nature in order for the kids to socialize, complete different group activities in the nature and celebrate the ending of the one-month program.

Week 1 – Computer Architecture

The summer school program starts with introducing the kids to the computer architecture/hardware world. They get lessons about the physical parts of the computer through lectures as well as real life examples. Through this week, kids can built their own computer from scratch, install the operating systems, fix the common issues and format the computers.

They are able to see and touch every physical part of the computer in order to clearly understand and be able to practice the gained skills.

Week 2 – Computer Networks

Second week is dedicated to teaching the kids about the computer networks, how it functions and the ways it is done. During this week, they have the chance to learn how to create their small networks for home or office as well as to functionalize the Wi-Fi equipment for a Wi-Fi network.

Week 3 – Cyber Security

Third week is the week where kids will learn about the potential threats and attacks on the internet. During this week they will learn different techniques regarding the most common cyber-attacks which can be used against them as well as different ways on how to identify and protects before it becomes too late.

They will also learn how to clean up different threats from their systems such as, Viruses, Spywares, and Trojans.

Week 4 – Multimedia

The fourth week is the final week of the summer school program. During this week, kids will learn how to edit their photos, audios and videos through learning different multimedia technologies such as Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Adobe Audition. In the end of the week, they will be able to have their own final projects which can be short movies or different things as per their imagination.

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Technology is not something new if you ask our kids today. It is a part of their daily life, for this reason using it is not a challenge or a skill as it comes very natural to them. For this digital generation of youth it is very important that they learn not only how to use technology but to understand what goes on behind the curtains and control it.
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